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Let us introduce ourselves and tell you a little about our wonderful Club. According to our research, there has always been an Elvis Fan Club of one kind or another in New Zealand, possibly since the early 1960's. "Memories of Elvis" was formed in 1990 and has been operating successfully ever since. Naturally we like to think ours is the best fan club ever!

As our name suggests, our aim first and foremost is to preserve the name, memory and music of Elvis Presley. Elvis was always so caring for others less fortunate than himself, and we as a club, strive to continue his work, by making an annual donation to charity.

Elvis means many things, to many people - without a doubt we all love his inimitable voice, whether it be the 50's, 60's or 70's, but at the same time, fans tend to focus on various aspects of Elvis, some are fascinated by his costumes and jewellery, others admire his car and motorbike collections. Serious music buffs can often rattle off every record release, the date, and when it went gold or platinum. Then there are the Elvis movies ..... the study and enjoyment of Elvis, his talent, his generosity, his charisma - goes on and on. For most of us, a visit to Memphis and 'Graceland' is the ultimate dream.

Whether we as individuals travel to 'Graceland' or not, the Memories of Elvis Fan Club endeavour to keep New Zealand fans as up to date as possible with local and overseas Elvis news. We correspond with other fan clubs around the world, swap news with pen-pals, surf the net visiting Elvis web sites, and publish a quarterly Magazine which is crammed with articles, pictures and other Elvis interest.

On the social side, we arrange events and outings throughout the year, with particular attention to Elvis' anniversaries, so that as many fans as possible can get together to discuss their favourite topic - ELVIS of course! He continues to bring people together world wide, forging the links of friendship. The Club's last tour to Memphis in 2007 saw 72 Kiwis have a truly wonderful time and all that went will have the greatest of memories forever.

On the 8th January 2000, we unveiled our most challenging project to date - our fabulous Elvis Memorial, in Cranwell Park, Henderson, Waitakere City, New Zealand. (see pictures of it on this web site).

Elvis left us a rich heritage and it is our responsibility to preserve and promote this for future generations. Besides we have fun as well! Why don't you join us!

Contact our Club Secretary -
Jackie: E mail:
or write to: PO Box 20367 Glen Eden

Membership subscription: within New Zealand: one member $40.00 per year.
(each additional member: $15.00). Please note, the Magazine is sent to the
first member only.

Rest of the world NZ$50.00 per year.

All fees are payable per annum. Due by 31 March in NZ currency

Your membership includes (per year): 1 membership badge and certificate,
quarterly Magazine, subsidised prices for Club events when applicable,
advance notice of upcoming functions/shows, and the opportunity to join
discounted Club overseas tours when applicable.





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